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Vendor Participation

Vendor partnership with our organization is the key to its success. We hope to foster vendor contribution to the field of ART by learning and understanding new and innovative products and allowing vendor outreach into our community.

Vendors have the opportunity to partner with DSEA in two ways: membership and sponsorship.

Vendor Membership

With a vendor membership, one representative can attend all DSEA events regardless of sponsorship of the event.  While the distribution of materials is not permitted (see below for sole sponsorship), discussing products and services with attendees is permitted. This relationship gives vendors a casual forum for dissemination of product and scientific information.

Sole Sponsorship of DSEA Events

Vendors also have the option to be the sole sponsor of a DSEA quarterly dinner event. The sole sponsorship of these quarterly meetings is on a first-come, first-serve basis for the year. 

This sponsorship includes:

  • The ability to distribute marketing materials and any company signage at the event
  • The opportunity to provide the speaker of your choice to give a scientific, ART related lecture
  • Lectures/PowerPoints must be approved for content prior to giving the talk.  The length of the talk should not exceed 20 minutes.

Click the link below for vendor registration

Vendor Registration


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